Veloretti’s new electric bikes win the prestigious Red Dot Award for Product Design

Ivy and Ace Two combine serviceable high-end industry-standard components with a stylish, minimalist design

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Veloretti, the Amsterdam-founded bike brand, has won a Red Dot Product Design Award for its all-new electric bikes, the Ivy and Ace Two. 

The Red Dot Design Awards is one of the biggest design competitions in the world and receives around 20,000 entries from 60 countries each year. A jury of 43 designers, professors and journalists evaluated each entry, focusing on four principles of good design and considering their sociocultural character, technical focus, and design expertise.

The Red Dot Jury commended the seamless design of the Veloretti Electric Two range. “Flowing lines and a seamless design characterise the frame, which elegantly integrates the functionalities,” the jury observed, emphasising the e-bikes’ harmonious blend of high-end technology and design simplicity.

Veloretti’s step-through Ivy Two and step-over Ace Two come two years since the direct-to-consumer bike brand entered the electric market with the Ivy and Ace. The urban electric bikes combine fully-integrated functionality with a modern, refined aesthetic, offering riders both safe and stylish city riding.

The Veloretti Ivy and Ace Two are among 79 award winners from the Netherlands in categories including Robotics, Commercial Vehicles, Interior Architecture and Personal Wellness. The Red Dot sticker on products has since become the highly-regarded seal for outstanding design quality that is recognised worldwide.

Since 16 June, the Veloretti Ivy and Ace Two are available to order online with a 3-4 week delivery time. 

About Veloretti

Veloretti was founded in Amsterdam in 2012 when Ferry Zonder couldn’t find a lightweight, stylish, and timeless city bike for his daily commute. So he made his own. From these early beginnings, Veloretti has since grown into one of Europe’s leading direct-to-consumer bike brands, driven by the goal of making people’s daily commute a joy with smart, well-designed bikes that change how we get around.

In 2022, Veloretti joined the Pon bike family which includes other premium bike brands and concepts such as Swapfiets, Lease-A-Bike and Gazelle.

Veloretti Electric bikes are available exclusively in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium.

Veloretti City and Kids bikes are available in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Ireland, Sweden, Finland, Austria and Luxembourg.

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