Veloretti’s new electric bikes give the ultimate ride with game-changing features

The seamless blend of fully-integrated functionality and a modern, refined aesthetic has already been awarded the 2023 Red Dot Design Award

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Amsterdam-founded bike company Veloretti has released its new electric bikes in time for summer, with the sleek new Ivy and Ace Two designed with modern simplicity and safe city riding in mind. The Veloretti Electric Two range comes in two models: Ivy has a step-through frame, while Ace sports a solid high frame.

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Veloretti Ivy and Ace Two come two years since Veloretti entered the electric bike market with Ivy and Ace, and have maintained what makes Veloretti’s next-generation electric bikes loved by their riders: high-quality components such as the removable long-range 540 Wh battery with a range of up to 120km, silent and powerful Bafang mid-motor for a natural push, maintenance-free Gates carbon belt drive, and step-free Enviolo gear system. 

What’s new in the award-winning Veloretti Electric Two includes an even cleaner, minimalist design with more integrated cables and components and a new colour option in Dune. Look further, and there are some smart new technology features to ensure a smooth, fuss-free ride. While the Veloretti app unlocks extra features such as activity tracking, there’s now no need to look at your phone while riding the Veloretti Ivy or Ace Two.

Thanks to a new built-in display in the centre of the handlebars, riders can change their essential settings such as lights, cadence and speed, and view ride data such as the weather and the distance travelled, as well as GPS navigation to get them from A to B. Integrated buttons on the handlebar give complete control of the built-in display with just the press of a thumb, while still keeping steady on the handles. 

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With the Ivy and Ace Two, Veloretti has also introduced a world-first ‘Safety Tracking’ feature, which enables riders to share real-time updates of any uncertain journey with the people they trust. By pressing on the inner right button for four seconds, the lights flash and a tracking link is sent to their chosen contact person, which shows the rider’s live location.

The Veloretti Electric Two has held onto its signature hyperbolic light for daily riding and added an extra safety feature for dark roads with the Osram LED precision light. A new in-house engineered rear brake light shines instantly and brightly, so others on the road know immediately about any intention to stop or slow down.

Our riders are at the centre of our design philosophy, and we spent two years engineering the Veloretti Electric Two with all-new features that truly matter. By combining high-end technology with design simplicity, I’m excited to say we’ve set a new industry standard. It really goes beyond what I imagined when I started designing bikes eleven years ago. Ferry Zonder, Founder, Veloretti

This fully-integrated functionality paired with a modern, refined aesthetic has already seen the bikes being awarded the 2023 Red Dot Award for product design in Germany. 

Veloretti Electric Two will launch in mid-June at €3299 and is available for pre-order in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium via From next month, curious riders can also book a test ride in Amsterdam, Antwerp, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Hamburg and Munich.

About the Veloretti Electric Two

The Veloretti Electric Two comes in two models: Ivy has a step-through frame, while Ace sports a solid high frame. What we love about it includes:

  • Built-in display and buttons Discover a new level of convenience and control with our elegant integrated display. Everything you need to manage your ride is right at your fingertips, from customising your bike's settings to navigating the city.
  • LED brake lights A happy ride is a safe ride. That's why we created our automatic rear brake light that shines instantly and brightly, so others on the road know immediately about your intention to stop or slow down.
  • Safety tracking The integrated buttons include a world-first ‘Safety Tracking’ feature, enabling you to share real-time updates about your ride with the people you trust. Press on the inner right button for four seconds, and the bike's lights will flash while a tracking link with live location is sent to a chosen contact.
  • New tires Our 28" tires are now anti-puncture level 2 and ready to take on the toughest urban terrain. 
  • Integrated audio system Full-range speakers integrated into The Ivy and Ace Two provide impressive sound. It produces the sound of the bell, start-up and turn-off sound. 
  • Stylish colourways We’ve stayed true to the colours we love and added a new shade in a matte Dune. The Veloretti Ivy Two (with its lower step-through frame) comes in Matte Black, Graphite, Dune and Pebble Grey. Veloretti Ace Two (with its solid high frame) comes in Matte Black, Graphite, Dune and Jet Black.
  • Osram precision light Illuminate the road with confidence using our directional front lights, designed for ultimate precision and clarity in any environment. 
  • Silent and powerful Bafang mid-motor Natural, smooth, and powerful. The 65nm torque mid-engine gives you all the power you need. Because the engine is directly connected to your pedals, it automatically adjusts its power to your torque instead of speed. This gives you the most natural electric biking experience there is.
  • Enviolo automated gears Never think about shifting gears again. The Enviolo gear system takes automated gear-shifting to the next level, delivering the ultimate ride experience every time. This advanced technology effortlessly shifts gears to optimise performance, delivering a natural and effortless ride. Say goodbye to clunky gear changes and hello to a ride that's both easy and efficient.
  • Gates carbon belt drive The Gates Carbon Belt drive is a game-changer. Made from premium quality carbon, it offers unmatched durability and strength. And the best part? You'll never have to worry about oiling your chain again. With our carbon belt, you'll enjoy a seamless, hassle-free biking experience that requires no maintenance for up to 30,000 kilometres.
  • Hydraulic Shimano brakes The Shimano hydraulic disc brakes are premium hydraulic disc brakes designed to deliver lightning-fast stopping power, so you can ride with complete confidence and control. Rest assured, you'll feel the difference in the moments you need it most.
  • Removable long-range battery With 540Wh and a range of up to 120km, our battery is ready to go the distance for you. Need a recharge? Not a problem. The removable and smart battery pack is easily detachable and rechargeable with any electrical power outlet.
  • Hyperbolic lights Daylight and driving light. Minimalist design, maximum light output. The LED headlights accentuate the Ivy and Ace Two aerodynamic design, combining minimalist design with optimum light output.
  • Veloretti app While all essential settings such as lights, bell, cadence and speed can be controlled right from the bike’s integrated buttons, the updated Veloretti App provides an added layer of experience. Through the app, riders can: 
  • Select comfort, economy, or sport modes to alter their overall riding experience
  • Get alerts on their battery life, and see how much battery they will need for their mapped routes based on the current assist level
  • Set details for ‘safety tracking’ contacts
  • Receive automatic over-the-air updates
  • Add multiple bikes to one profile
  • Access information such as display ID and GPS ID
  • Track the location of their bike (only in combination with the insurance plan)

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About Veloretti

Veloretti was founded in Amsterdam in 2012 when Ferry Zonder couldn’t find a lightweight, stylish, and timeless city bike for his daily commute. So he made his own. From these early beginnings, Veloretti has since grown into one of Europe’s leading direct-to-consumer bike brands, driven by the goal of making people’s daily commute a joy with smart, well-designed bikes that change how we get around.

In 2022, Veloretti joined the Pon bike family which includes other premium bike brands and concepts such as Swapfiets, Lease-A-Bike and Gazelle.

Veloretti Electric bikes are available exclusively in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium.

Veloretti City and Kids bikes are available in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Ireland, Sweden, Finland, Austria and Luxembourg.

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