‘Amsterdam Proof’ rainwear and bikes designed for rainy days

‘Amsterdam Proof’ rainwear and bikes designed for rainy days

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Bike company Veloretti has teamed up with fellow Amsterdam-based fashion brand Scotch & Soda on a special bike collection in celebration of ‘Amsterdam Proof’, Scotch & Soda’s seasonal unisex rainwear capsule collection.

Amsterdam Proof is inspired by the functionality needed to face the elements in Amsterdam, the home city of both brands, and features a range of unisex rainwear for adults and kids designed to bring joy and style no matter the weather conditions. 

Stéphane Jaspar, Scotch & Soda’s CMO, commented: “Amsterdam and bikes are simply inseparable. More than a mode of transportation it’s a way of life in the city. We wanted to celebrate this together with Veloretti, who designs the sleekest and most stylish bikes in town, and bring joy to your daily commute here and abroad. With 6 different bikes in colours that match our latest ‘Amsterdam Proof’ rainwear collection, we will help you stay dry and smiling no matter the weather conditions this fall.” 

In Amsterdam, we tend to ride our bikes no matter if there’s rain or shine. But you also want to look good while battling the weather. Partnering with Scotch & Soda on a rainwear collection made perfect sense to us, and we had a lot of fun designing bikes that fit the whole look. Tom Wolters, Head of Sales at Veloretti

The Ivy and Ace electric bikes were designed to echo the colour palette of Scotch & Soda’s Amsterdam Proof capsule collection, in a camouflage-inspired design with a mix of Dutch green, butterscotch yellow, cedar brown and midnight black. The models feature a silent and powerful 65nm torque mid-engine connected to the pedals, automatically adjusting the power to the torque instead of speed, giving a natural electric biking experience, while the step-less Enviolo system automatically shifts gears, adapting to the rider’s behaviour.

The limited edition bikes will also be equipped with hydraulic brakes and a durable Gates belt drive made of carbon that does not need any oil, allowing riders to enjoy maintenance-free rides up to 30,000 kilometres. Uniquely designed, the battery-driven hyperbolic lights give consistent illumination to ensure safety from day to night. With 504 Wh and a range up to 120km, the removable battery pack is easily detachable and rechargeable with any electrical power outlet.

In addition to the electric bikes, two models of city bikes will be available in the limited-edition dazzle camouflage especially designed for the collaboration with Scotch & Soda: The Caféracer, a lightweight and reliable option embodying a timeless design fit for every city, featuring a mid-in-step frame and standout components. The Caféchaser, a top performer and a statement piece, features a unique crossbar adjoining the frame to the rear axle, embodying top speed from front to back. Both bikes are also available in an exclusive Dutch green shade. 

The Scotch & Soda x Veloretti bikes can be ordered now until 15 November on veloretti.com and in person in Veloretti’s Amsterdam flagship store. During this period, Scotch & Soda customers will be able to scan a QR code in a selection of the brand’s stores, which will take them directly to Veloretti’s website to purchase the bikes.

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Veloretti x Scotch & Soda
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About Veloretti

Veloretti was founded in Amsterdam in 2012 when Ferry Zonder couldn’t find a lightweight, stylish, and timeless city bike for his daily commute. So he made his own. From these early beginnings, Veloretti has since grown into one of Europe’s leading direct-to-consumer bike brands, driven by the goal of making people’s daily commute a joy with smart, well-designed bikes that change how we get around.

In 2022, Veloretti joined the Pon bike family which includes other premium bike brands and concepts such as Swapfiets, Lease-A-Bike and Gazelle.

Veloretti Electric bikes are available exclusively in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium.

Veloretti City and Kids bikes are available in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Ireland, Sweden, Finland, Austria and Luxembourg.

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