Let's take a ride down memory lane. Do you remember your first bicycle? That moment your parents let go and you didn’t fall? That first taste of freedom pedaling down the street thinking you could go just about anywhere. Our VeloMini and VeloMaxi series are carefully designed for future generations of explorers and super heroes.


This balance bicycle offers first-time riders between the ages of 2 and 4 the opportunity to perfect their balance and coordination skills. We have made the Mini using the highest quality parts and a lightweight frame to ensure the safety of our little riders. We've also added safety bumpers to the sides of the handlebar grips, just for that extra support.

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The time has come! Your little super hero has graduated from the balance bicycle and is moving on to bigger things. The Maxi is their perfect new partner in crime to discover the world in style. It's the ideal first pedal bicycle for the little ones between the ages of 4 and 6. Equipped with a back pedal brake, a hand brake and a set training wheels the Maxi is crafted for all future adventures.

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When it comes to safety, all our bicycles comply with the EU-standards. In every phase of production we pay close attention to the smallest details to create the best and safest bike experience.


Our bikes are available in a 12 inch Mini and a 16 inch Maxi. Are you uncertain about the right model for your child? This chart will help you determine which size is best for your child.

Mini 12 inch balance bike: 90 cm t/m 106 cm
Maxi 16 inch pedal bike: 102 cm t/m 118 cm